Reims: Comprehensive ticketing system for public/private partnership urban transport network

Tramway REIMS - shutterstock_85038907

The city of Reims faced two major issues: stiflingly congested roads which caused significant inconvenience and inefficient connections between the city centre and its conurbations and the remote HST “EST Europe” station. To give new dynamism to the city and to make the outskirts more accessible, the Public Transport Authority invested in an environmentally-friendly public […]

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Fort Worth: Improved Customer Satisfaction and Parking Operations

Cityscape of Fort Worth

Prior to March 2012, the City of Fort Worth, TX had an aging on-street paid parking system of 2,400 metered spaces composed of coin operated single and multiple space meters. The City had two specific goals to improve the parking system downtown. First and foremost, the City wanted to improve customer satisfaction, giving them more […]

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Convenient and cost effective way to collect all types of park fees

Whashington Parks

Washington State Parks offer a variety of amenities including camping, hiking, boating, picnicking, and more. In 2011, Washington State Parks faced a loss of funding from general state tax revenue and needed to find a way to increase operating revenues that would allow the 117 parks to remain open to the public. To make up for the […]

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Warsaw goes High-Tech


In 1999, Warsaw was the first city in Poland to install car parking meters. 15 years later, faced with a lack of car parking spaces, the city now wishes to extend its car parking meter scheme, and simultaneously offer motorists the opportunity to pay for their car parking tickets simply and easily, anytime and anywhere.

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Perth, a smartcard to make intermobility easy!


In Perth, the public transport network is both dense and varied. To facilitate access and encourage intermodality, Parkeon has developed a dedicated platform where users are connected through a smart card. A first and most advanced system in Australia.

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Lyon: reconciling Innovation with Careful Investment


Parkeon, a partner of the City of Lyon for more than 20 years, has designed a parking meter modernisation project that does not require too heavy an investment for the local taxpayers. The main objective was to facilitate access to the parking facilities by accepting a wider range of payment methods, to optimise the infrastructure’s efficiency and simplify its monitoring.

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The city of Cannes is deploying Whoosh!


Since 1st August 2013, the City of Cannes has introduced car parking payment by mobile telephone. The Parkeon Whoosh! mobile phone app is both fast and convenient, and should enable the city council to optimise its car parking policy.

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