Prior to March 2012, the City of Fort Worth, TX had an aging on-street paid parking system of 2,400 metered spaces composed of coin operated single and multiple space meters. The City had two specific goals to improve the parking system downtown.

First and foremost, the City wanted to improve customer satisfaction, giving them more ways to pay for parking and simplifying the payment process.
Second, the City wanted to improve the management and operations of the on-street parking system. The City hoped to spend less time maintaining and repairing their existing meters. A huge issue they were also hoping to fix was the vandalism rate on the existing coin operated meters. Vandalism created significant disruptions in the efficient use of spaces for citizens and visitors to the City, big expense and revenue loss.

Parkeon Smart Solution

The user-friendly Parkeon Pay & Display parking meters and their unparalleled robustness and security have impressed the City of Fort Worth. 85 meters have been installed to replace 600 existing single and multiple space meters in the downtown core.
By selecting Parkeon Strada meters, the City was able to improve customer satisfaction by adding additional payment methods – credit and debit cards – while having a very high meter uptime, ensuring that customers always had an opportunity to pay. Pay stations are wirelessly connected to Parkeon’s myParkfolio back office that allows them to be fully monitored at all times.

The Benefits

Credit/debit card use was a big hit when the meters were first introduced and that payment option continues to grow in popularity. In 2012, credit card usage accounted for 47% of the parking revenue and 32% of the total transaction count. Based on 2014 statistics through mid-October, credit card usage accounts for 60% of the total parking revenue and 43% of the total transaction count. The average value of a credit card transaction has risen from $1.96 in 2012 to $2.05 in 2014. In comparison, the average coin transaction is $1.04.

The implementation of Parkeon Pay and Display units in place of coin operated meters has led to fundamental improvements in the service level. The citizens of Fort Worth have an additional reason to be happy – less citations were written in the year of installation – showing that people were being more compliant to the parking rules with a more convenient system in place.

Operationally, the implementation of the Pay & Display meters has been a big success. Maintenance and collection costs are way down compared to the old meters. On average, maintenance techs visit only 40 out of the now 104 Parkeon meters each month to perform some form of service. And, with more than half of the revenue coming via credit cards, there are a lot less visits for collections than before. On average, collections agents collect only two or three times per month from each Pay & Display meter.

Meter uptime has been a huge key to the success. The meters report all issues in real time so the City can react quickly and keep the units up and running.

Prior to the installation of the Pay & Display meters, Fort Worth had a huge problem because it was very easy to vandalize the single space parking meters (approximately 200 were vandalized each year). Now vandalism has virtually gone away.

With the success of the program, the City is reviewing plans to convert more coin operated meters over to smart meters.

  • 60% of revenue is via credit card

  • -15% in the number of citation written

  • Pay&Display meter uptime > 99.9%

  • +10.3% increase in paid transactions

  • Average credit card transaction amount x2 versus coin transactions