Since 1st August 2013, the City of Cannes has introduced car parking payment by mobile telephone. The Parkeon Whoosh! mobile phone app is both fast and convenient, and should enable the city council to optimise its car parking policy.

According to Jean-Philippe Gastaud, Head of Parking Services for the City of Cannes: “We started out from the premise that motorists rarely have the correct money on them to pay for their car parking. We therefore decided to introduce electronic payment by bank card. Since the summer, we have taken the electronic payment option even further by enabling motorists to pay for their parking by smartphone.


Parkeon Smart Solution

Cannes is one of the first cities in France to deploy the Whoosh! car parking payment facility. This solution enables drivers to pay their parking charges in just a few seconds with the use of their mobile telephone, or by tablet or computer. In order to simplify the rounds of local traffic wardens, motorists can provide proof of payment by displaying a pink disk (issued by the council) on their dashboard, the Whoosh! disk or simply write Whoosh! or a “W” on a piece of paper. This enables traffic wardens to identify the ‘Whoosh’ subscriber, and to enter the vehicle’s registration number into their tablet and to crosscheck the central Whoosh! database to verify whether payment has effectively been made.

Great Advantages

The Whoosh! solution is not intended to replace traditional payment methods but is an additional way to pay. People will therefore still be able to pay for their parking by card or cash at the car parking meter. Jean-Philippe Gastaud comments: “Even if people are still slightly hesitant about using this payment facility, our first impressions are already very positive; those who use the system tend to be young people, but also older citizens who have come to grips with this new technology. Given the fact that people no longer have to carry the correct change, everyone is happy to pay for their car parking space, and prompted by an electronic reminder they can extend their car parking time remotely.”

By offering the Whoosh! app, the City of Cannes has made motorists’ lives much easier and has thus fulfilled its mission as a public service. In doing so, it also projects a positive image as a modern community that is open to innovative technologies.

Cannes is clearly very forward-looking and intends to use the data that is stored by the Whoosh! system to optimise its car parking policy. Jean-Philippe Gastaud concludes: “Whoosh! can highlight which car parking areas have been used and at what time, and this can therefore help us to compile recurrence data for particular types of use (who is using which car park and at what time). This information will tell us more about motorists’ requirements and will enable us to adapt our car parking service accordingly. As a result, we might be able to envision specific charges for local residents or some self-employed professions, e.g. doctors. In a nutshell, to take full advantage of this new solution.”

  • Remote purchase of an electronic car parking ticket by mobile phone or computer