Parkeon, a partner of the City of Lyon for more than 20 years, has designed a parking meter modernisation project that does not require too heavy an investment for the local taxpayers. The main objective was to facilitate access to the parking facilities by accepting a wider range of payment methods, to optimise the infrastructure’s efficiency and simplify its monitoring.

For many years now, the City of Lyon has been operating a fleet of nearly 1600 Stelio parking meters, which, after Paris, constitutes the largest fleet of parking meters in France. Technology advances at the speed of light, and new opportunities are constantly being created, which in turn are bringing about changes in behaviour. In France, payment by card is now the preferred payment method, and there seems to be a certain willingness to use this method anywhere and everywhere.

In order to meet the requirements of the City of Lyon, which is constantly seeking innovation for its end-users, Parkeon has worked out an ingenious modernisation project for its existing fleet. The objectives set out were quite definite: offer the general public new electronic means of payment, combined with centralised management of the infrastructure and a monitoring tool, whilst keeping a tight rein on costs.

Parkeon Smart Solution

The ‘T-PAL’ solution for retrofitting the existing infrastructure convinced the City of Lyon to go ahead. The T-PAL modules come equipped with a colour display, an alphanumerical touch keyboard, a card payment kit (contact or contactless cards, NFC telephones) and a modem, thus the Stelio coin parking meters have been transformed into multi-payment machines, which are connected to the Parkeon myParkfolio centralised management system.

This cleverly designed solution has enabled the city to implement a staggered parking policy (free time) combined with more efficient monitoring. The system requests park meter users to enter their vehicle license plate number, and in return the City of Lyon grants them a certain amount of ‘free time’. By entering the license plate number into the central server, this benefit is restricted to just once daily, which promotes turnover and offers people a better chance of finding a parking space.

Great Advantages

After 4 months of work to upgrade 400 parking meters per month, the city and its end-users now benefit from really innovative parking pay stations. The new multi-payment parking meter is equipped with an attractive and user-friendly interface to help motorists pay for their parking by various means. From the outset, 20 % of the payment transactions were performed by bank card, and compliance also increased significantly.

The installation of the T-PAL kits has also opened up new prospects for the City of Lyon. The networked parking meters with their colour display could be transformed into a real communication channel to disseminate useful real-time information about the local community (information about public works, transport) or cultural events (fireworks, concerts, entertainment, etc.). In the long term, in addition to parking, the city will have the opportunity to offer other services, such as topping up public transport cards. T-PAL enables end-users to stay in touch with what is going on in their local community!

  • 1600 parking meters upgraded in only four months