The Parkeon Strada car parking meters in Mexico are both environmentally-friendly and secure, and as such they help the city to contain a very specific local problem, i.e. the street mafia.

With a population of almost 20 million people and 6 million vehicles, the conurbation of Mexico is the third largest megalopolis in the world. Its sudden demographic explosion has brought with it various problems, such as pollution and high crime levels, and has highlighted the inadequacy of its infrastructure.

The local authorities have been only too well aware of this vulnerability and have therefore commissioned car parks to be built, they have optimised public transport, and set up a self-service bicycle hire system. In a nutshell, they have made every endeavour to improve life for their local residents. Despite these multiple initiatives, anarchy still reigned as far as car parking was concerned. This remained in the grip of the local street mafia; the “franeleros” or “rag boys”, signalling to drivers looking for car parking spaces by waving a piece of cloth.

The Mexico City therefore faced very specific issues which had to be resolved, and therefore had to adopt solutions to both re-organise and control road traffic, and to make it more secure.

Parkeon Smart Solution

In order to achieve these two objectives, Parkeon recommended the use of Strada car parking meters. These are highly secure, solar-powered pieces of equipment which are permanently connected to a central management system that keeps constant track of their activity. At present, the car parking meters only accept payment by cash, but other payment methods (store cards and bank cards) are already in the offing.

Great Advantages

Municipal car parking control has had a dissuasive effect on private car use in favour of public transport. This has not only reduced traffic congestion but has also made parking easier. And given the fact that the car parking meters have been installed in areas that are brimming with boutiques and restaurants, this equipment has therefore directly stimulated the local economy. The illegal car parking racket has now also been eradicated from the streets, to such an extent that the local authorities are looking into the possibility of extending the programme to other city districts.

Less vehicles in the historic city centre also means less pollution, which safeguards the well-being of the local residents and protects the environment. Furthermore, all the car parking revenue generated will go towards financing new infrastructure projects in the city.

  • 440 Strada Rapide terminals are now in installed in Polanco district of Mexico City’s centre. These terminals are in addition to the fleet of 140 terminals already installed in the Juarez district in 2011