Milan’s firm determination to promote the use of public transport comes as no surprise, as the city is battling to reduce traffic congestion and control air pollution. Drawing on its extensive expertise, Parkeon has met the city’s requirements by offering evolutionary solutions that resolve both the car parking and the transport issues with the use of existing equipment.

Milan, being the capital of Lombardy and also the largest urban area in Italy (with a population of more than 7 million people, including its conurbation), is considered to be the economic hub of the country.

In 2001, the city commissioned the installation of 500 Parkeon Strada parking meters, and subsequently wished to add on various new functionalities in order to improve the local transport service for its residents and also to reduce traffic by promoting the use of public transport.

Parkeon smart solution

Parkeon, in partnership with the operator ATM Milan, opted to upgrade the existing equipment that was already well-established by fitting the parking meters both with a contactless vending and ticket topping-up functionality. This facility manages the on-line communication with the back-office servers of the transport company for pricing purposes and also for encoding end-users’ smart cards.

Other functionalities, such as the payment of parking fines, city centre congestion tolls, as well as the renewal of parking subscriptions for local residents, have also been added to the plethora of opportunities provided by the terminals. The system offers multiple payment methods, e.g. payment by contact or contactless bank card.

Great Advantages

Parkeon’s response to the City of Milan’s requirements has resulted in a multitude of advantages for all the players concerned. The end-users are delighted with the system because they find it so practical, convenient and fast, and the operators are pleased to have been able to reduce their operating costs.

Multifunctional Parking Meters, a dual advantage:

  • a single access point available to anyone, anytime and anywhere,
  • optimisation of the existing infrastructure.

Multimodal and multifunctional platform

The City uses the Strada not only for parking payments but also for off-board bus fare collection. Two major issues have been resolved by switching from on-board payment to the platform payment terminals: increased safety for the conductors who no longer have to handle any money and an improved transport service by eliminating lengthy queues at stations.

  • "The parking meter as a multimodal and multifunctional platform - a powerful lever in a dedicated environmental protection policy"