In Perth, the public transport network is both dense and varied. To facilitate access and encourage intermodality, Parkeon has developed a dedicated platform where users are connected through a smart card. A first and most advanced system in Australia.

The City of Perth provides users with a rich public transport network including buses, ferries and trains. Its expectation was: encourage users to use these complementary modes of transport while making them easily more accessible.

The Parkeon Solution

The Public Transport Authority of Western Australia opted for the Parkeon solution where passengers Tag on to the system at a bus, ferry or railway station, and Tag Off whenever they leave the system with a single smartcard, regardless of the mode of transport.

An embbeded GPS location equipment ensures automatic calculation of fare zones. A comprehensive centralised back office solution was developed to handle smartcard & retail management, payment clearing, banking interfaces and system status monitoring.

The benefits

The use of this smartcard has decreased boarding times, reduced fare evasion and provides better statistical information in the form of accurate patronage data.

Parkeon continue to work in partnership developing enhanced functionality that will complement the system including new payment means (contactless bank cards acceptance, mobile phone apps…).

  • 800 000 banking transactions per day made with the smartcard