In 1999, Warsaw was the first city in Poland to install car parking meters. 15 years later, faced with a lack of car parking spaces, the city now wishes to extend its car parking meter scheme, and simultaneously offer motorists the opportunity to pay for their car parking tickets simply and easily, anytime and anywhere. The City of Warsaw has therefore entrusted this project to Parkeon, who are making remarkable inroads into Eastern Europe.

In order to fulfil the city’s ambitions and in collaboration with its local partners, Parkeon are proposing to deploy 240 additional Strada car parking meters in the city centre and to centralise them onto its myParkfolio operating system.

The myParkfolio system provides fast and efficient reporting and keeps a close watch on the status of the equipment, its potential maintenance requirements, and also all the relevant accountancy transactions and payment processing. The fact that myParkfolio is so perfectly integrated into the city’s existing platform, allows all the financial data from all the various sales channels (Strada, existing infrastructure and payment by mobile phone) to be consolidated. The 240 Strada car parking meters installed accept payment by both contact and contactless bank cards, and drivers are absolutely delighted with this very convenient system.

The solar-powered Strada meters meet all of the requirements of Poland’s capital, and the City now aims to gradually replace all of their ageing battery-powered equipment with these new models.

Parkeon Smart Solution

Parkeon’s ‘Pay By Plate’ solution incorporated into the Strada parking meters allows – and this is a first for Poland – parking tickets to be personalised, by printing the vehicle license plate number, entered into the terminal by the motorist, onto the ticket. As a result, car parking tickets can now no longer be exchanged between drivers, which is boosting the city’s car parking revenue.

In addition, the Parkeon solution will soon offer the possibility of implementing on-line applications and new technologies, such as ‘ticket-less’ municipal car parking. Electronic tickets will therefore replace paper car parking tickets, which is helpful to motorists because they will no longer have to return to their vehicles to top up their parking. The electronic ticketing system will be centralised for parking enforcement purposes.

Great Advantages

Boosted car parking revenue! This high-tech and environmentally-friendly solution helps Warsaw to project a positive and modern image. Motorists have also quickly familiarised themselves with this equipment, which enables them to pay for their car parking quickly, simply and safely. The multitude of payment methods offered and the convenience of being able to pay by bank card – a popular and widely used method – has had a direct impact on compliance. As a result, the City of Warsaw has recorded a rapid 20 % increase in its car parking revenue.

  • “The City of Warsaw has recorded a 20% increase in car parking revenue.”