Our industry has been undergoing a major transformation in recent years. The needs and expectations in the world of urban mobility are becoming increasingly complex, while economic constraints continue to multiply.

In the face of these new challenges, our industrial know-how, unrivaled innovation, potential, and highly skilled team allows us to remain at the forefront, delivering services that are at once innovative, efficient and cost-effective. Our solutions are designed to keep pace with the developments in our cities and the newly emerging urban landscape. They are driven by three core concepts:

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Quality of life in your city

Faced with a rising urbanisation rate, cities find themselves caught between the need to retain their status as economic centres and the increasing shift of economic activities out to non-urban areas. Flowbird is committed to facilitating citizen mobility and reinvigorating city centres, boosting quality of life by:

  • Easing congestion in urban areas, thereby reducing pollution.
  • Stimulating economic vitality by streamlining access to services in city centres.
  • Managing chaotic parking systems to offer increased safety for pedestrians, residents and visitors, etc.
  • By 2030 the urbanisation rate is expected to surpass 60%

  • Cities are responsible for 80% of global CO2 emissions

Smart investments

Given the economic context, it is essential that cities weigh each and every investment they make carefully. Flowbird works alongside cities to devise solutions that optimise revenues, blending top-quality service and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Increasing direct revenue from services.
  • Reducing maintenance costs.
  • Leveraging existing facilities to create new services.
  • Establishing indirect revenue streams.
  • In 10 years’ time, there will be 23 cities with populations of over 10 million

  • Up to 30% of traffic jams in city centres are caused by the search for parking spaces

Responsible development

The bid to improve quality of life in urban environments hinges on striking the right balance between private and public transport. From public transport to green transport, integrating parking into mobility policies and smart mobility information systems, Flowbird develops solutions rooted in responsible, sustainable development, encouraging citizen- and eco-friendly mobility.

  • Choosing eco-friendly equipment, assessed in relation to its full life cycle.
  • Creating mobility services which encourage the use of smart and green modes of transport.
  • The search for parking spaces accounts for 1 metric ton of CO2 emissions per space per year

  • 300 solar-powered parking terminals = savings of 5350 kg of CO2 every year = the equivalent of travelling 40,000 km by car

Solutions powered by innovation

  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Paperless payment systems
  • Energy savings
  • Compatibility with state-of-the-art communication networks
  • Robust equipment built to operate unattended and withstand outdoor conditions

A one-stop-shop for mobility systems

  • A comprehensive back-office system giving companies complete control in managing sales channels and operations
  • Real-time payment solutions tailored for all sales channels
  • Solutions offering out-of-the-box integration, from design to installation