Flowbird is committed to developing environmentally friendly solutions. Pioneers in the introduction of stand-alone solar-powered products, we are constantly striving to boost our systems’ energy performance while reducing their environmental impact.


Cleaner, more cost-effective, energy-efficient terminals

Flowbird has been designing stand-alone solar-powered products for some 15 years. What’s more, our teams continue to go the extra mile to reduce environmental impact and improve energy performance through breakthroughs in electronics and control software and the choice of parts.

Energy efficiency and waste reduction: a powerful combo

Optimising energy consumption means we can fit our products with smaller batteries and solar panels. From an environmental perspective, that means fewer resources consumed, fewer pollutants and less waste when products reach the end of their useful life!

  • Flowbird's solar expertise allows an efficient technical solution and provides high quality advices on terminals installation

Production, use and end of life cycle: solutions driven by ecodesign

Our state-of-the-art solutions allow us to accurately pinpoint:

  • environmental impact during production,
  • energy consumption and environmental impact during use, and
  • naturally, the traditional measure of environmental impact at the end of the product life cycle

Thanks to our proprietary, multifaceted assessment tools, which encompass technical feasibility, the choice of suppliers, environmental factors and design, we are able to steer the product development process so as to limit the impact of our products throughout their life cycle.

Innovative, responsible solutions that meet clients’ expectations:

  • Restriction of hazardous substances
  • Choice of materials used during the design process
  • Reduced energy consumption throughout the product life cycle, with a focus on solar energy
  • Integrated recycling solutions

Encouraging local waste treatment, saving on transport

So as to reduce the carbon footprint of our solutions, we limit waste mileage, giving preference to local recycling operators for the treatment of waste, thereby ensuring suitable treatment and keeping costs under control.

  • Our appliance recycling rate is above 95 %, far exceeding the EU regulatory target of 75 %

  • As a research supporter, Flowbird is a member of CREER and the EcoSD Network

  • The new Flowbird terminals are integrated into stand-alone solar-powered terminals

Certified Sites

Our main production site, in Besançon (France), boasts ISO 14001 certification. Our priority objectives at the site are to:

  • Reduce water consumption and monitor energy consumption,
  • Improve waste sorting and management.

Our Paris, Besançon and Chatillon sites all have OHSAS 18001 certification.
We are working to:

  • Constantly improve our regulatory compliance
  • Monitor and improve health and safety conditions in working areas
  • Raise awareness and provide training for staff about the risks associated with their work
  • Flowbird implemented a project in conjunction with ADEME to secure the areas where our hazardous waste is stored

  • Every year Flowbird invests around €300.000 on occupational risk prevention and improving working conditions

Falling emissions

Flowbird conducted its first greenhouse gas emissions assessment in 2012.

In 2011, which was taken as the baseline year, our emissions volume stood at 1.028 Teq CO2 (tonnes of CO2 equivalents), enough to operate 1.000 return flights between Paris and New York or manufacture 1.800 tonnes of paper.

Following a series of actions to improve efficiency with our use of materials and at our premises, by 2012 this figure had fallen to 916 Teq CO2.

In 2015, the volume reached 614 Teq CO2, a decrease of 33% compared to 2012. Flowbird optimized the refrigeration and electrical installations of its main site, improved the location of its premised and promoted videoconferencing to reduce travels.

A new 2015-2018 action plan has been put in place to continue our improvment.