BreezoMeter, a big data analytics company that provides dynamic air quality data in real-time, today announced that they will attend with Parkeon, at the 2016 Intertraffic Conference, taking place on April 5-8 in Amsterdam at the RAI Amsterdam. BerezoMeter’s real-time, dynamic air quality analysis will be on full display alongside Parkeon’s new Park & Breathe smart meters, which incorporate air quality sensors, as an example of how powerful a smart city’s insights can be.

The air quality sensors in Parkeon’s smart meters will help smart cities easily and economically scale their sensor numbers, increasing the number of data points, and therefore, accuracy of air quality readings. In a city with these parking meters, BreezoMeter’s technology would be able to help gauge optimal placement of these sensors. The BreezoMeter software platform, BreezoTool, would then be able to aggregate the air quality data from the sensors in parking meters along with data from existing sensors and use its powerful data analysis to create a comprehensive, intuitive, dynamic and actionable portrait of air quality data in a city.

As a company, we are focused on helping cities face and meet the challenge of managing travel in urban areas, and fostering the culture of continuous innovation that is necessary for a thriving smart city,” said Bertrand Barthelemy, CEO of Parkeon.

One key aspect of BreezoMeter’s software platform is that it provides smart cities with the actionable information they need to make informed decisions to mitigate air pollution and increase the level of wellbeing for their citizens. The software would, for example, be able to identify areas where air pollution is likely to move over the course of a few hours, therefore enabling city officials to strategically limit or reroute traffic in those areas.

“We’re thrilled to demonstrate the range of what’s possible in fighting the invisible enemy of air pollution. Currently part of the problem for cities in putting together an accurate picture of their air quality data, in real-time, partly because of sensor placement,” said Ziv Lautman, co-founder and chief marketing officer of BreezoMeter. “The location, type and the number of sensors is critical in getting the full picture of air quality. Our system accounts for these variables, and, using our cutting edge dispersion analysis we are able to provide actionable and real-time information.”


BreezoMeter will be displaying their software interface and the real-time Amsterdam air quality as part of the Park & Breathe exhibit at Parkeon’s booth, 02.202 throughout the show.