All around the world, Parkeon is implementing and upgrading systems for many reasons – to help clients increase revenue, to minimize operations costs, and to provide better convenience for motorists. Below are examples of some recent Parkeon implementations


Parkeon has been awarded projects in the cities of Mostaganem and Ouargla for full AFC systems, tram and Park & Ride.


Parkeon has secured a large transport contract in Perth for replacement fare collection covering 4,500 devices, fleet management and real time system– Perth’s SmartRider is one of the most advanced smart card systems in Australia and supports over 800,000 daily smartcard transactions.
Parkeon has also recently implemented a Strada Parking solution in Perth that supports the SmartRider smartcard system to pay for car parking – The 128 terminals are already supporting in excess of 15,000 transactions per day.


Parkeon has been awarded a project to deploy 1,000 StradaPAL in Baku, featuring the acceptance of the online City card.


New tenders have been awarded to Parkeon for StradaPAL in the cities of Ypres and Woluwe St Lambert. The City of Neerpelt will also utilize StradaPAL featuring Parkeon Cloud Services (boat parking, camper parking) and PAL services (restricted free time & Pay by Plate). The City of Diepenbeek deployed City Connector, the Parkeon’s couponing Cloud service in March 2015.


The City of Lille has awarded a contract to Parkeon for the replacement of their old parking terminals with 700 StradaPAL. StradaPAL terminals have been selected to allow motorist to identify themselves with their license plate numbers and take advantage of a personalized tariff structure, thanks to the color screen and the alphanumeric keyboard. The StradaPAL terminals also provide new means of payment like bank card – chip and pin and contactless. A successful and fast deployment.
The Cities of Boulogne sur Mer and Nanterre now offer Parkeon’s Whoosh! mobile parking application.


The Stradas in the City of Cologne have been upgraded with the high security P4 kit, the highest level of security available on the market.


For Expo 2015, the current World’s Fair, which is being held in Milan from May through October. Parkeon offers new applications on the 1,000 Stradas installed in Milan to provide additional features to the estimated 20 million visitors.
Two Italian cities – Bergamo (130 Stradas) and Padua (100 Stradas) – have recently awarded tenders to Parkeon. Padua’s Stradas will feature a Pay by Space online application.
Alberobello, Palermo, Sesto San Giovanni, and Syracuse all have recently successfully piloted Minipark, Parkeon’s ALPR off-street solution.


Parkeon’s distribution partner, VINCI Park, has been awarded significant projects for the Cities of Esch sur Alzette (75 Strada) and Luxembourg City (250 Strada).


Antananarivo, the capital and largest city of Madagascar has recently deployed 40 Strada terminals. Madagascar is a new territory for Parkeon.


At the end of 2014, Parkeon completed the delivery of 750 Strada terminals to Moscow, the capital city of Russia.

Saudi Arabia

Parkeon has introduced the StradaPAL to the City of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s second largest city. The project includes a centrally managed e-wallet as a payment option.

United States

Pay by Plate is the new trend in the US. Miami Parking Authority has awarded a contract to Parkeon for the implementation of 400 Pay by Plate StradaPAL. Additionally, the City of Medford, MA has implemented 85 Pay by Plate Strada, converting from unpaid parking to paid parking.