The City Creative Lab ended its tour of 2014 on the roads of Scandinavia and Croatia. Feedback on a successful tour.

1st phase: Scandinavia

In terms of parking, Scandinavia is characterised by the electrical supply available at most of the terminals currently in place. The objective of this tour of the City Creative Lab was therefore to present a new and innovative solution to towns and promote our “green” approach.

The tour began with 3 large towns in Sweden: Gothenburg, Jonkoping and Stockholm. About twenty or so people, town officials and private parking operators such as Qpark and APCOA were able to come on board and discover our mobile showroom.

During these meetings, Sylwia Grzegorczyk, our Parkeon representative in Poland, introduced them to our solutions on two Strada Pay & Display terminals. She summarises these discussions: “Each town has its own particular expectations. The town of Gothenburg is very much interested in solar technologies which are environmentally-friendly, while Jonkoping expects to receive a quality maintenance service. The representatives of Stockholm are more interested in TPAL services and online control in particular.”

2nd phase: Hungary and Croatia

Continuing its journey to South-East Europe, the CCL stopped off in Szekszard in Hungary. A delegation of 3 people was able to discover and test out our solutions. “The 3G connection and multi-service kiosk were the main aspects which caught the attention of the representatives of the town. This wine-making region attracts numerous tourists every year and they are already contemplating services that could be provided by this type of equipment: offering a kind of “wine route” with a chance to meet local producers, offering 24/7 sales and distribution channels, etc.”

The trip through Croatia for the CCL was a real success. 15 towns were visited in 5 days meaning that more than forty people were able to join us on board! We were particularly well received in Solin because the CCL entered the town as the new Parkeon pay and display terminals, which had been installed just a few days before, were going live. “This tour bodes very well for 2015. We can confirm that there is a genuine interest in our solutions. We still have to clearly understand the needs of each city, identify their concerns and provide them with effective solutions. We will then have to be patient and accept the procedural and decision-making periods of the Croatians, which can be very long!” remarks Timea Havel, responsible for market development in this region.