Visitors to Chichester’s historic city centre can now take advantage of contactless parking payment technology.

Chichester District Council has installed 19 new Parkeon Strada Rapide terminals in a number of off-street locations, 14 of which accept contactless bank card payments in addition to Chip and PIN and coin transactions. Meanwhile, West Sussex County Council, which has its operational centre in Chichester, has introduced an additional 29 coin-only machines for on-street locations around the city.

The new terminals are all solar powered and are enabled to accept the new £1 coin, which is being introduced by the Royal Mint in March 2017. They are also linked to Parkeon’s Parkfolio central management system, enabling remote monitoring of terminals and detailed analysis of parking and payment data.

The convenience of going contactless was identified in customer feedback and was incorporated by the district council into the system specification. The terminals are also more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, thanks to in-built solar power, while the Parkfolio back office system will deliver income reconciliation and detailed management reports.