The Parking industry is going through a significant re-invention

Parkeon is paving the way by:
– Developing a smart communication terminals with a printer, a payment device and a user interface for selecting information.
Enhancing the user experience with solar powered technology
Using data to develop value added services (Path to Park, Analytics)
Creating value added services on our meters for both drivers & pedestrians

Our technology has been mostly used to manage on-street parking in the past years. The recent technology upgrades (color screen, more powerful CPU’s & the development of digital services) powered the development & the integration of value added services, beyond our traditional parking expertise.

Any person visiting a town generally needs to have information which is either municipal information or commercial information. By way of example, municipal information can be a street map of the town, emergency numbers for doctors on duty… Commercial information relates to advertising enabling business & services in the town to make themselves known to visitors & pedestrians.

The parking meter is now a media for communication and much more

Using parking meters as a communication mean is very relevant since they are to be found in large numbers in town centers and since drivers must start by parking their car & pay parking fees when arriving in town.Some examples of new services Parkeon clients are offering today include:

– Distribution of localized merchant coupons from Parkeon parking terminals in the City of Diepenbeek, Belgium to start March 2015 and in Las Vegas, USA beginning of July.
– In Waverley, Australia, we display surf conditions for the hours to come on 36 T-PAL parking meters
– In Vevey, Switzerland, the local merchants can subsidized the parking of their customers thanks to our ‘discount code’ platform
– In the United States, several universities are providing free parking to their VIP’s thanks to our validation code system. At Texas Tech University Parkeon is testing out payment for parking citations at the Strada pay station.
– Three cities in France, Besançon, Aix les Bains & Hyères are using the Parkeon meters to control ‘EV charging stations’& offering & true ‘park & charge’ service

Our parking meter with a color screen is a genuine interactive communication mean giving visitors easy and fast access to services they require. That is why Parkeon developed a wide range of value added services for its parking pay stations. We believe that our pay stations are suitable as interactive urban kiosk, distributing coupons and/or any kind of information valuable for citizens, drivers & pedestrians.