In Benelux, the use of the Pay&Display function via a touch screen is wide-spread. “The use of a touch screen to make a payment is much more pleasant for the user”, explains Bart Steegmans, the manager of our Belgian subsidiary.
But powering this equipment by classic electrical means is a real problem in the cities. It’s a costly process and requires significant infrastructural work.

An innovative project
Parkeon has therefore proposed an ambitious project to the city of Antwerp involving the implementation of Strada terminals equipped with touch screens and powered by solar energy. Five terminals have therefore been set up in the city and will be tested by users over a period of 3 months. The locations have been selected carefully: places that receive variable amounts of sunshine and are visited by different members of the public: tourists, businessmen, citizens, etc. These various special features will mean that all configurations can be tested and any limitations to the solution detected.

Antwerp is also testing the cashless system
At the same time as this pilot scheme, the city of Antwerp has also installed the first batch of 70 Strada cashless terminals (which do not offer payment by coins). This first “cashless” parking test zone will be meticulously monitored and analysed. According to the results of this experiment, the city could see 2,000 terminals being replaced with cashless equipment…The prospects are exciting for Parkeon.