Interoperability for optimised management of public transport

Urban sprawl and the congestion of towns mean that people are required to move about more and more. These phenomena create the need for the development of easily accessible public transport networks. The management of urban transport brings together, as the case may be, various public or private players, with a risk that passengers are issued with more and more tickets.

With a long-lasting and efficient development of transport in mind, Flowbird offers global, intelligent and centralised management of your public transport systems.


  1. A solution based on a multi-sales channel and ticket issuing network and a range of validation solutions.
  2. The use of validation data combined with decision support systems makes it possible to guarantee a quality of service and management that is fair for all the players involved.
  3. The town has all the counting statistics at its disposal to remunerate the various transport operators in proportion to the degree to which their network is used. For you, this is a guarantee of optimised management with considerable economies of scale.
  4. For transport operators, this is a guarantee of a transparent and balanced remuneration.
  5. For users, if interoperability is connected to intermodality with a single ticket medium, this means that their daily journeys are simplified.