Developing the electric mobility of your town

Problems related to the charging of electric vehicles and parking management are closely linked. Flowbird is proposing to interface existing on-street parking infrastructure with charging stations for electric vehicles. This solution optimises the way in which on-street public space is shared while providing a place where electric vehicles can park and charge their battery. The use of pay and display terminals means that fees can be managed and particular pricing rules can be applied, in line with the parking policy of each town.


  1. Pooling infrastructure to limit investment
  2. An incentive to use electric vehicles
  3. A simple and optimised solution for the deployment and management of public charging infrastructure by directly integrating it into parking pricing management tools and using resources provided by pay and display terminals on the ground (telecommunications, method of payment)
  4. Political and visible consistency that can be understood by all motorists, by the use of the same infrastructure and services (pay and display terminals, Whoosh!)
  5. Overall integration with other services that can be deployed on the pay and display terminals-cum-kiosks (mobility services with public transport, city information services and so on)
  6. An open solution which interfaces with all charging stations according to the OCPP standard