Payments by credit or debit cards are a beneficial solution both for you and your users

Parkeon is giving you the chance to simultaneously maximise your revenues and make everyday life simpler for your users in the form of payments by credit or debit cards. Studies actually show a considerable increase in revenues (in the region of 20 to 30%) in towns that employ this solution.


  1. Its user-friendly nature results in greater compliance with payment obligations by users; moreover, figures confirm that motorists spend more when they pay for their parking with a credit or debit card.
  2. This solution also leads to a reduction in costs related to the processing of payments by coins (collection, counting, bank deposits) and a significant decrease in sums allocated to the repair of vandalised equipment. In view of the fact that no coins are stored, pay and display terminals are in fact no longer subject to any damage.
  3. Payment by credit or debit card at long last responds to a top-priority user expectation as it means that users no longer have to prepare their coins to ensure that they have the right amount and they are able to pay for the desired amount in all circumstances.
  4. The system is secure due to protection mechanisms and processes which are in line with applicable requirements of banking authorities.
  5. The solution is offered optionally as part of new pay and display terminals and can also be adapted to your existing terminals. Upgrade kits therefore extend the lifetime of the infrastructure in place without the need for the community to make any substantial investment.