Whoosh! The mobile phone payment solution

As the “anytime, anywhere, any device” mentality has developed, there has been a considerable change in the behaviour of citizens/consumers. Everyone must be able to get things done in their own way and whenever they want. Cities and towns must adapt to this reality and provide solutions for as many people as possible. That is why Flowbird has developed a payment solution by mobile phone or computer known as Whoosh!


  1. Users register online so that they can manage their payments directly from their mobile phones.
  2. Users may request a notification indicating that their parking ticket is due to expire soon. They may also remotely extend the duration of their parking stay, monitor their balance and access the entire history of their operations;
  3. Besides the website, two mobile applications (Android and iPhone), with a particularly intuitive and ergonomic interface, have been developed;
  4. The Whoosh solution is fully integrated into myParkfolio, the information and centralised management system of Flowbird’s multi-space parking meters. The town benefits from all the advantages provided by an information system which is shared by several sales channels: assistance with supervision, management of rotation and prices, monitoring of revenues and statistical overview, etc.
  5. This solution provides for further compliance with regulations, by significantly reducing the proportion of users who do not pay for their parking.