Axio Touch

Quick and easy boarding for a better travel experience

  • Audio-assistance.
  • Passenger real-time information system.
  • Full customisation.
  • Wide connectivity.
  • High performance.
  • Flexible mounting (pole/wall).
  • Quick and secure access to services.


The population’s quality of life and the vitality of a town are both strongly affected by people’s mobility. Implementing a fully multi-modal transport policy will enable people to travel quickly and economically.

Axio Touch is a user-friendly and interactive on-board validator offering contact-less technology used to speed up passenger boarding times and reduce maintenance costs and the opportunity for fraud.


Elegant and compact design with advanced customisation capabilities

  • IML (Insert Molding) patented unique technology for high quality and robust on-demand 4-colour graphics design.
  • Large choice of colours for the plastic parts at the back.

High level of functionality and performance

  • Supports all smart cards/tags technologies, including NFC and 2D barcodes, co-branded bank & transport contact-less cards.
  • Provides the operator with the ability to introduce new and more flexible ticketing products in the future.
  • Ticket reloading facility.
  • Capability to interface with on-board bus driver consoles and intelligent transport systems.
  • Provides very fast processing to speed-up boarding time.
  • Features easy and comfortable operation.

Always-on information

  • Clearly advise passengers with colored pictograms, visual indicators, buzzer and audio assistance for visually-impaired travellers (status of validation, information regarding smart card validity, season ticket status, balance, list of contracts, recent transactions).
  • Real-time passenger information such as:
    • – network maps to help choose or reach destinations, progression in the line, ‘Next stop’ indicator, flash alerts during disruptions.
    • – local information based on vehicle location systems (GPS) and GPRS communication of driver console, e.g dynamic advertisements regarding local shops, nearest cinema with schedules, transport service transfers at next stop, departure times upon arrival at each stop.

Robustness, reliability

  • Qualified and well-proven subparts for similar use.
  • Optimised to meet all the requirements of the mobile world of bus and tram travel.

Future-proof open architecture

  • Based on the very popular open-source Android Operating System to make additional features, advanced services and applications in Axio Touch easy and fast to be developed by any 3rd party.

Cost effective

  • Service-friendly design, can be easily and fastly replaced.
  • Remote or local access for maintenance.
  • Remote software downloading for updates.

Technical Data

  • Security
  • Eco-conception
  • Smart Investments
  • Robustness
  • Dimensions (H x w x D) : 266 x 136 x 73 mm (123 mm incl. bracket and 32 mm pole)
  • Display : touchscreen – colour
  • Indicators : green, amber and red operation lights
  • Green and red LED on card reader
  • Buzzer & audio messages (MPEG)
  • Contact-less smartcards interface
  • 9-48 VDC
  • full speed USB
  • EIA-485 Ethernet


  • User interface

    Barcode reader

  • Electronics

    Multiple RS232, RS485, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n
    FPGA for multiple extension
    Other specific options on request

  • Graphic customisation

    Back plastic part: 4 standard colors (grey (RAL 7024), Green (RAL 6024), Blue (RAL 5002), Yellow (RAL 1023)
    Other colours on specific request
    Front panel : 4-colour graphics design on-demand

  • Fixing configurations

    Located in fixed positions on pole, adjacent to boarding zones
    Fixed to a wall
    Fixed at a pole for on-board use
    Possible adaptation to a gate for validation and access control