City Connector

With City Connector, together let’s breathe new life into local shops and businesses

  • A pioneering service in the history of smart pay and display terminals
  • A relevant, non-intrusive and free service
  • An exclusive service which boosts the trade of local shops and businesses


City Connector has been conceived from the association between Parkeon and Mastercard. This innovative couponing service is available on the colour screens of Parkeon terminals and is accessible to all. It issues users (pedestrians and motorists) with local discount vouchers which can be used immediately and within easy distance of the pay and display terminal. City centre shopkeepers and businessmen are able to communicate in an original way with a significant portion of the population; the platform for this communication takes the form of Parkeon pay and display terminals. Parking terminals are becoming genuine interactive multi-service kiosks and are now used as a means to search for local shops and businesses.

Connecting the streets to local shops and businesses

This original and exclusive service establishes a direct connection between the activity of the street and shopkeepers.  Local shopkeepers have a simple media at their disposal which is accessible to all and from which they can distribute information. The paper voucher distribution is actually a powerful communications and advertising tool which generates footfall in stores and encourages people to spend. The geolocalised discount vouchers are offered to pedestrians and any individuals when they pay for their parking. Consumers can use this service free of charge and without having to register any details in advance.

Easy and effective operation

Parkeon and Mastercard register any shopkeepers who wish to take part in the operation in their management interface. Shopkeepers subsequently produce their proposals and Parkeon directly distributes the offers of these parties in the street on any pay and display terminals fitted with a colour screen. The user views the offers of the nearest shopkeepers and chooses whether or not to print the discount voucher free of charge, without an obligation to register any details. This voucher can be immediately redeemed at the stores of the shopkeepers and deducted from the amount to pay.

A reasonable and controlled cost

If the pay and display terminals in a city are not yet fitted with a colour screen, these cities must invest in interactive and customisable screens on which local information can be distributed. This investment paves the way for new modern and effective channels of communication and it enables further interaction to be established with local people.

Shopkeepers pay a monthly flat-rate registration fee to distribute, view and print vouchers. This tool can be used to breathe new life into the city centre.

Users benefit from this service by paying for their parking and pedestrians access any offers that are visible on pay and display terminals free of charge.