The best cost-effective and controlled city parking area

  • Low investment versus traditional pay-on-foot off-street solutions.
  • Ticketless for user convenience.
  • Subscriber-friendly.
  • Scalable, flexible and versatile.
  • High performance technology to speed-up traffic flow.


With the ever increasing commercial demands and the need to improve efficiencies, today’s parking operators demand much more from their parking solutions.

They are looking for new innovations, greater flexibility, high service availability, security at minimum investments.

Minipark is a scalable, flexible and versatile innovative off-street parking payment and centralised management solution, perfect for mixed-group car parks serving different user groups at varying times.

Ticketless, based on vehicle sensors, ANPR cameras and barriers on entry/exit lanes, light payment terminals in a low investment package, Minipark brings convenience and speed-up traffic flow.

MiniPark can be designed to suit the specific functional, budgetary and commercial criteria of individual off-street car parks.

Features :

  • Remote internet access to all functions and data.
  • Remote updating of charges.
  • Alarm management and customer assistance.
  • Remote management of the entry/exit function and payment.
  • Management of charges including payments with bank cards.
  • White lists control.
  • Comprehensive subscriber module.

Tutorial step by step

    • A vehicle stops at the entrance, just before the barrier.
    • The sensor detects it and a camera automatically recognises and records the number plate, the date and time of entry.
    • The remote management system captures the data and enters it into the database; if registered, the subscriber’s membership data are added.
    • The entrance barrier rises allowing the driver access to the car park and lowers automatically, once a vehicle passes the safety sensor.
    • The motorist enters the number plate at the payment terminal, the system then displays the parking fee amount owing on the screen.
    • The motorist then pays the amount and a receipt is printed.
    • Subscribers have no need to pay in the car park and drive straight to exit.
    • A vehicle stops at the exit, just behind the barrier.
    • The sensor detects it and the camera verifies the number plate against payment information, or the listing of the vehicle on the database (e.g. subscribers).
    • The management system validates correct payment, or entitlement to park without payment to enable exit.
    • The exit barrier rises, allowing the driver to leave the car park and lowers automatically, once a vehicle passes the safety sensor.

Technical Data

  • Security
  • Eco-conception
  • Smart Investments
  • Robustness
  • Choice of barriers.
  • ADSL (Parkeon cloud) and on-site ethernet connection
  • Control and management system operated locally and remotely
  • Magnetic detection sensors.
  • Dedicated web-based module integrated with Parkeon’s renowned myParkfolio


  • Payment terminal

    Parkeon pay station with a bank note acceptor or change giving (Astreo Galexio…)