Optimises performance of payment, services, ticketing and information terminals

Get fast ! Get efficient ! Get control !

  • Increase revenue.
  • Optimise service uptime.
  • Reduce operating costs.


Easy-to-use, web based centralisation and management system for complete control of all the sales and information channels, not only for parking.

Enables personnel to work faster and more efficiently for maintenance, collection, enforcement, allowing greater control with day-to-day tracking of all operations.

Designed to benefit the whole organisation providing the rapid reporting required by management, whilst also supplying the level of details required by financial, maintenance, collection and enforcement teams with MyParkfolio, local authorities and operators can.

Maximise & protect investment

On-street services such as parking generates significant revenues but can be labour intensive. With MyParkfolio, payment terminals used to access the services can be regularly maintained and supported to ensure optimum availability.

Collect cash efficiently & cost-effectively

Local authorities and private operators shall continue to accept cash to pay for on-street services to remain socially inclusive. With MyParkfolio cash collection processes are managed cost-effectively.

Ensure high quality & adaptable services

Services must be accessible throughout the city at any time of the day. With MyParkfolio, the performance of the sales infrastructure is constantly monitored and analysed.

A range of workspaces puts all the information at operators’ fingertips

  • Supervision: detailed parking estate information, events, alarms, line-by-line transaction and alert data.
  • Monitoring (Dashboard): real-time key performance indicators, “at-a-glance” overview, direct views with customised portlets (Parkjets).
  • Mappable statistics: graphical and cartographic representation.
  • Transaction history: past and current data to assist in case of claims.
  • Service centre tools: remote downloading of tariffs, messages, tickets layout…

Workspaces provide the solutions for all players

  • Business managers: key performance indicators to help high level decision, e.g. high/low payment activity maps to decide to increase / reduce the number of parking spaces or terminals in some areas.
  • Parking managers: dynamic graphs and tables, cartographic reports, tariff changes, download of information and messages directly onto terminals.
  • New ! Creation of special codes to provide users with free or discounted parking.
  • Service personnel: maintenance plans to optimise performance and manage infrastructure, live indicators to track and monitor maintenance team progress and create indicators to evaluate the efficiency of service.
  • Collection teams: Planning of the most efficient routes and times to ensure that cash levels remaining in terminals overnight are as low as possible while optimising the costs (size of teams, frequency…) and monitoring of collection agents’ operations.

All onto one system

  • Monitoring of all sales and information outlets – and presentation of information from each channel, e.g. terminals, mobile phones, PCs and tablets, onto one system.
  • All payment collections “at a glance”.
  • The fast lane for information – for real performance focus, see what is happening “right now”!

Fast and intuitive interface, at your colours

  • Usable by anyone with basic keyboard skills.
  • Displays in individual operators’ colours – a customisable solution that may be branded in end-users’ civic or corporate colours.
  • Personalized dashboard for fast system overview.

Open architecture, hosted by parkeon

  • Open solution benefiting from standards in the market and expertise developed by performing partners.
  • Integrates with allied parking technologies: Off street systems, Cell phone payment, Vehicle detection, Citation management, License plate recognition…
  • Hosting by Parkeon avoids technical maintenance of servers and software updating.