A decision tool to improve the quality of life of your citizens

  • Decision-making tool
  • Optimised solution integrated into street furniture
  • Monitoring outdoor air quality
  • Preserving public peace


Pollution and noise in urban areas are an affront to the quality of life and health of citizens. Air quality and well-being in urban areas are now regarded as rallying themes and represent a major public health issue for local authorities.

A decision-making tool

Park&Breathe ensures that policy-makers and elected officials have access to information about the pollution and noise to which citizens are actually exposed in urban areas.
The solution helps to map these nuisances and adapt travel plans and urban planning initiatives accordingly. The reliability of the relayed data provides a relevant and tangible response to complaints and particularly paves the way for new services for citizens such as prevention, information, etc.

A limited and controlled investment

It is based on the use of existing urban furniture to create a network of noise and pollution sensors, while avoiding visual clutter through multiplication of on-street
Through the integration of multi-sensor kits on existing Strada parking terminals, noise and pollution can now be studied in real time. Parking terminals build a fine-meshed network in many cities.

Measured data management

A number of different parameters can be measured such as noise, photochemical pollution NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxyde) or even fine particles. Pollutants are measured on a regular basis at the level of ears and respiratory tracts. The data are sent to the servers via the modem present in the pay and display terminal. A secure online platform subsequently provides easy access to
the data.
The collected data are conveyed in their raw form to policy-makers or may be accompanied by reports which enable personalised use.

Tutorial step by step

  • Air pollution is at the heart of environmental issues. Policy-makers are presently investing a lot into surveillance and are keen to implement strong air-based policies at local level.
    Park&Breathe technology measures the average concentration of Nitrogen Dioxyde, a major urban pollutant, produces a count of fine particles and allows you to take action in 2 strategic areas.

    You monitor the outdoor air quality in all areas of your town/city.
    The measured data can be used to precisely qualify any urban situations which
    may affect the health of inhabitants.

    You identify the causes of exceeded limits and implement action plans.
    You provide information and reassure the population on the basis of personalised



  • Controlling noise pollution, whether caused by traffic or night-time disruption, is
    one of the daily challenges faced by towns and cities. Park&Breathe technology
    measures the noise levels in a town or city and helps to improve public peace by
    taking action in 3 key areas.


    You supplement your video surveillance equipment.
    You establish a sense of security in your town/city via the sound detection of
    abnormal events.

    You constantly monitor abnormal events.
    You organise the means of monitoring noise pollution for a harmonious living

    With access to reliable and objective tools which are respectful of freedoms, you
    are able to meet the expectations of your citizens.
    You involve all the key players of your town/city and promote dialogue between the various parties to manage noise nuisances and coordinate action plans.