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Parking tickets and certification

Our warranty of quality for your parking tickets

  • Standard ticket for short term parking
  • Premium ticket for long term parking
  • High-level certification process for paper rolls suppliers
  • Up-to-date public list of certified suppliers



Parkeon suggests in its offer, paper rolls for direct sale to customers. These tickets are delivered in batches of 10 rolls.
The tickets are available in two sizes: 57mm for DG, 60mm for Stelio/Strada/CITYPAL. Two types of paper have been defined: Standard paper, for short term tickets (less than 3 days) and Premium paper, for long term tickets (up to 28 days) or usage in difficult environment (high temperatures). (‘Premium’ paper is not available on DG)
The tickets sold by Parkeon can be customized on request. Specific texts, images or logos can be printed. Customized elements can be printed in black or with colours (up to 4 colours),and on front face, rear face, or both, The tickets can also be numbered.


To guarantee a high quality of paper and ensure a proper running of the terminal, Parkeon offers to paper suppliers to be certified and give them the opportunity to sale “Parkeon compliant” tickets to their customers. The certification is delivered after tests on samples, for a renewable period of 3 years. The quality of tickets is ensured by a complete specification, regularly updated according to the feedbacks of the 4000 Parkeon customers
The tests are performed by Parkeon experts, based on 130.000 tickets, over a period of 2 weeks, including visual, mechanical, climatic, chemical and stress tests. Following the test period, a detailed report  is produced and ensure the reliability and completeness of the test procedure.

List of certified suppliers

Paper suppliers currently approved:

Printers previously currently approved
Imprimerie Nouvelle for Standard and Premium tickets
Guyot Grafco for Standard and Premium tickets
The Nagels Group for Standard and Premium tickets.
BemroseBooth Pargagon Ltd for Premium tickets
Syndicate UK Ltd for Premium tickets