T-PAL module adds greatly advanced software, colour screen and extended keyboard. As upgrade kit for Strada & Stelio (natively in StradaPAL), it is a cost-effective solution that transforms basic terminals into multi-sales and information channels.

T-PAL enables operators to implement a range of additional sales and information services quickly and easily, enhance the user’s experience, improve the city’s image, drive compliance and increase revenues.

Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Customers want the latest innovations to make their lives easier – and they want them now! Colour screens have become the norm and are essential for the best user experience. T-PAL is an innovative solution in unattended terminals that builds confidence through intuitive operation and add the impact and increased functionality of a full colour screen to Strada and Stelio terminals.


The impact of colour, solar-powered

  • The wide, full color-screen displays animated pictograms, designed to help the public readily understand how to access all the available services. It can change their perception of paid services and increase compliance.
  • Superior ergonomics ensures that people unfamiliar with the terminals are able to use them quickly and easily to minimize queuing, even at peak times.
  • All enhancements and new features are driven by solar power, even with the latest energy-demanding technologies.

Extended capacitive keyboard increases functionality

  • The extended keyboard increases the ability of users to interact with the terminal, while offering intuitive ergonomics for universal access to services.
  • Being customisable, the keyboard enables people to navigate menus easily. It also increases the opportunities for users to identify themselves and benefit from personalised services and privileges (e.g. resident and visitor schemes, forced rotation) through PAL services.

Cloud-computing leverages higher levels of functionality

  • T-PAL module runs on the Parkeon’s powerful “cloud system”, using existing terminals as ‘slaves’. This allows operators to create and deploy added-value services without personnel having to go into the field.
  • Parking transactions continue to be hosted by the terminals’ existing internal software. However, innovative new functions, e.g. the generation of free parking vouchers related to minimum value purchases in supermarkets and free or discount vouchers for use in local shops, are also generated by the “cloud system”.
  • With T-PAL a range of imaginative sales and information services can be offered to boost local businesses and make people’s lives easier – in colour, 24/7:
    • Maps, timetables.
    • ‘What’s On’ guides.
    • Advertising and promotions from local businesses.
    • Tickets for sports/leisure facilities and tourist attractions.
    • Printable discount vouchers from restaurants and shops.
    • Real-time public information announcements.
    • Electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Technical Data

  • Security
  • Eco-conception
  • Smart Investments
  • Robustness
  • Temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • EN 12414 / CE marking
  • 7” colour screen
  • Capacitive Keyboard
  • 3G modem
  • More than 95 % recyclable (ISO 22628)


  • Models

    T-PAL for Strada
    T-PAL for Stelio

  • Optional payment upgrades

    Cashless version
    Contact & contactless payment kits

  • Power supply

    Solar with performance adapted to the configuration