The population’s quality of life and the vitality of a town are both strongly affected by people’s mobility. Tracking fares through the validation process helps improve transport services and allows a fair revenue sharing between operators within an intermodal system.

Wayfarer 6 is a manned ticket sales console and validation station, ideal for on-board conditions (buses, trams, trains, underground systems).

Wayfarer 6 provides information regarding customer buying pattern to assist company management optimise services, reduce fraud, improve revenue management and monitor individual drivers and routes.

Wayfarer 6 can interface with remote smart card validators (AXIO TOUCH…) to provide a fully integrated system for today’s modern ticketing requirements.

Versatile design and future-proof architecture

  • Based on the very popular open-source Android Operating System to make additional features, advanced services and applications easy and fast to be developed by any 3rd party.
  • Adaptable to provide either a basic or a fully integrated ticketing system capable of development as necessary to keep pace with a customer’s requirements.
  • Can be used as a bus driver console only.

Ticket issuing and Validation in one performant device

  • Fast secure processing to speed-up boarding time and offer a friendly and beneficial service to passengers without detracting from operational efficiency and management planning.
  • Provides an interface for smart card operation as well as an interface for Real time Passenger Information systems.
  • Handles all contact-less smart cards/tags and types including passes and multi-journey.
  • Possibility to remotely deactivate validators during inspection.

Always-on information

  • Clearly advise passengers regarding status of validation, information regarding smart card validity, season ticket status and balance.
  • Local Intelligent System and Real-time passenger information providing the progression of the travel in the line for instance, based on GPRS communication and on-vehicle location systems (GPS).
  • Distributes passengers real-time and local information to passengers through connections to AXIO TOUCH validators.

Robust, reliable

  • Widely deployed worldwide.
  • Qualified and well-proven subparts for similar use.
  • Optimised to meet all the requirements of the mobile world of bus and tram travel.

Technical Data

  • Security
  • Eco-conception
  • Smart Investments
  • Robustness
  • Dimensions (HxDxW) : 217x263x226mm
  • High speed CPU - Android, Linux, Windows 7
  • GPS
  • LCD colour screen and 32 buttons backlit keypad
  • Audio messages and tones
  • ISO 14443 type A, B and B’ contact-less smartcards interface
  • Green / Amber / Red operations lights
  • 18-48 VDC
  • Thermal


  • Usage

    Available as driver console only

  • User interface


  • Communication

    GPRS, 3G for communication with external Intelligent Transport Systems
    WIFI a, b, g, n