Smart City – the vision

Serving the city dweller, communities and business, the hyper-connected city of tomorrow will draw on the digital data boom to develop “living well together”, by making everyone’s life  easier and strengthening social ties.

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Attractive and vibrant town centres

We seek to facilitate the parking experience of the population and reduce congestion in urban areas. Using our equipment you can properly manage parking turnover, while providing access to a whole new world of hyperlocal services to preserve the economic activity at the very heart of town centres.

invreflechisControlled and carefully considered investments

We are proposing robust and reliable solutions which are affordable to adapt. Scalable pay and display terminals that become multi-service kiosks without the need for any significant investment. Our aim is to use existing infrastructure to devise innovative services and create new ones. New ticketing systems, virtual payment services…we are helping you to take advantage of the new opportunities provided by new technologies.

demrespInnovative and sustainable solutions

Just because people are moving about more and moredoes not mean that the quality of life should be adversely affected. That is why environmentally-friendly designs are at the centre of our innovation process. We are making every effort to limit the impact of our solutions on the environment. At the same time, we are encouraging sustainable mobility through the creation of services which favour the choice of sustainable modes of transport.

Services to make mobility easier for the citizens in a pleasant living environment

Big data

Big data technologies to offer new services.

Payment & user right management

Managing authentication, identification and transaction.

Mobile payment service

Paying for parking via your mobile.

City Connector

Flowbird parking meter are introducing couponing to a new local level.

Path to park

A mobile app for easy and stress-free parking.

Park & Live

Hyperlocal services to serve town’s users.